About the Artist

I have loved art my whole life. I come from a family that has always valued art. I find that art is an inextricable part of my very being; it’s in the way I see light, in the way I can tap into energy to paint for hours and hours after a busy work day…It doesn’t matter if I spend 5 minutes or 5 hours doing art, it is always a window into true beauty for me. Lately, with gratitude, I am making more space in my life for this art I have loved always.

I graduated from Gordon College, MA in 2000 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art. While in college I traveled to the Middle East and India; the people and experiences I had in those cultures provided a rich context for new projects. After college, as a young adult, I worked steady non-art related jobs and unfortunately found only a little time to work creatively.

In 2006 I graduated from nursing school and took a job working for Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program. There I found a delightfully challenging and enriching career that provided me the opportunity to make a living wage while only working part-time. Over the past few years, after having a child, I have been able to return more diligently to the easel. I switched from the elaborate and messy task of oil painting to the more kid/life friendly nature of acrylic paints. After creating over 80 small works, I began to incorporate copper leaf into paintings-this fueled months of experimentation and joy as I explored true abstraction for the first time. I now work to create larger pieces, intricate and exciting in my small, light-filled kitchen, pausing when I need to do some life-task, or care for my child, my home, my patients.